Bhaya Cruises presented gift to poor children in Ha Long fishing villages

On the occasion of Full Moon Festival, Bhaya Cruises organized a Full Moon party for poor children in Halong Bay. Over 100 kids of Vung Vieng and Van Gia fishing villages participated in the party aboard Bhaya cruise vessels.Photobucket

During the party, Bhaya Cruises’s associates and travelers presented gifts including basic school supplies to the kids. Allan P. Tuppil, Bhaya Cruises’ General Manager, said “By giving basic school supplies to the poor children in Halong Bay, we strongly believe that those children will have a better learning opportunity for a brighter future. They should have deserved something better, a good life…”. He also committed that Bhaya Cruises continues to support the poor children in Halong Bay in the near future.

Team Retreat Cruise

A cruise on Halong Bay provides for an extraordinary teambuilding experience. In collaboration with Goodwill, a leading teambuilding solution provider in Vietnam, Bhaya Cruises now offers corporate team retreat cruises on Halong Bay. Participants undertake a number of teambuilding activities to promote bonding, team spirit and cooperation while enjoying the Halong Bay cruise experience aboard a Bhaya Classic vessel.

Activities are facilitated by the Goodwill team using tactExchange teambuilding solutions, developed by Maximize in Singapore, which have been taken up by leading corporations in over 20 countries worldwide.