American Airlines Managers Meet Aboard Bhaya Classic

Halong Bay, Vietnam – American Airlines recently held a successful two day annual meeting of Asia region managers aboard Bhaya Classic.

15 American Airlines regional managers from across the Asia Pacific gathered on board Bhaya Classic for their annual business discussions. “It was truly a wonderful experience having our first ASP meeting in Vietnam” said Ms. Elizabeth Junginger, American Airlines’ Regional Director Asia/South Pacific. “The Bhaya boat was such a refreshing venue. To be able to assemble our team in such a quiet, private setting (away from the conference rooms in Hong Kong!) was a terrific idea. Having the backdrop to our business plans and issues be those magical limestone wonders helped take the bite out of the meetings”.

The managers also took part in a number of team building activities such as Octopus, the Great Ly Dynasty Escape and Trust Your Buddy. The Bhaya Cruises organized and facilitated these outdoor activities aimed at improving creative thinking and cooperation between participants and maximizing team strengths.

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