Sweet surprise for Valentine’s Day in Vietnam

It’s around this time of the year again, Valentine’s Day, when lovers are planning to spend a romantic time together. For travel lovers, if you happen to be in Vietnam in February, there will be plenty of choices to enjoy your special day together in this beautiful tropical country.

1.  Romantic date in the sunset of Halong Bay

A luxury cruise has never been a bad idea for a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day. Imagining a dinner in the sunset of the sea, with your table set up on the cruise’s sundeck, that would be a perfect picture one could ever think of when it comes to romance.

Romantic dinner for couple for 2 in Bhaya CruisesHalong Bay is world-famous for its unique and ethereal beauty of more than 1600 limestone and karsts, peaceful sea water and various activities across the bay. Originally the most attractive destination in Vietnam, Halong Bay has recently gained more attention for its friendly and sustainable image. When coming to this World Heritage Site, cruising in one of those luxury cruises overnight has been a favorite, if not a must for travelers around the world. In fact, there’s no better way to discover the destination than a cruise.

Flower-for-couples-bhaya-cruises-deluxe-roomLuckily, Valentine’s Day falls in Vietnam’s spring with the loveliest weather of the year, when the verdurous greenery and warm temperature is a splendid gift of nature. Halong Bay has been the most romantic choice for couples. To add more sweet to the experience, Bhaya Classic Cruises is offering some romantic treatment if you book and travel from now to February 28th: relaxing with the cruise’s 1 hour of body massage for free, then enjoying 1 complimentary bottle of wine while dining in a special candle light dinner in your Royal Suite cabin. Book now!

2.  Bathing the spring sunrise on a beach date

Beach date in Nha TrangEnjoying a romantic date in the daylight would be an exciting experience on your Valentine’s Day. Gifted with the coast line of 3200km, Vietnam owns some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which is full of warm sunlight all-year-round. To name a few: Nha Trang, Phu Quoc and Mui Ne are definitely in the top list when you think of a beach date on Valentine’s Day.

The infamous world of white sand and emerald water has named Nha Trang in the top 10 beaches in the world. The first thing one should do when arriving in Nha Trang is heading straight to the beach. This beautiful beach can accompany you all day long by its different charms during the day. Sunbathing or just enjoying a walk together, feel your feet dipping the soft white sand and the breath of love through ocean wind. Water-based activities are also a different appeal of Nha Trang that you have to try to really experience the destination fully.

If you wish to spend you special day in the North, Halong Bay can still be an incredible choice. With some reticent hidden beaches surrounded by limestone off the shore, a date beach in Halong Bay gives you a peaceful and quiet time together.

3.  Dating in the city of love

Located in the Central Highlands of Lam Dong City, Da Lat has always been famous for its charming, romantic landscapes and bizarre architecture, which deserves the title “The city of Love”. Therefore, this small city is always first choice for couples on Valentine’s Day.

Da Lat flower park valentineWhat makes Da Lat a naturally romantic city itself? The fact that Da Lat is the biggest flower meadow in Vietnam makes it a flower heaven in every corners of the city. Ladies love flowers, no matter how they always grumble about how much you paid for them. Just take them to the flower world and your lady would consider you as the most romantic guy in the world.

This tiny city is full of places with interesting names, enough to prove its romantic title. Love Valley, Dreamlike Hill, Lake of Signs are favorite attractions by young couples on their dates.

Bhaya Cruises to set sail to ITB Berlin 2015

Bhaya Cruises plans to set sail to ITB Berlin 2015, the world’s leading travel trade show, to promote Vietnamese culture, tourism and excellent cruise service in Halong Bay to travelers around the world.

ITB Berlin Trade Show 2015 Bhaya CruisesSetting date from 4th – 8th March 2015, ITB Berlin trade show provides the opportunity for decision-makers, experts, buyers and young professionals from every area of the touristic value-added chain to meet and get information about the world’s latest trend and expand their business. Every year, more than 50,000 travelers around the world also participate in the event to get the taste of culture diversity in just a few hours.

Participating in ITB Berlin 2015, Bhaya Cruises presents one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vietnam – the UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Halong Bay, which is known for its 1,600 limestone karsts and islets rising out of the waters of the bay and the numerous caves and grottos spread throughout the area. This event will also allow us to share our knowledge and expertise in the hospitality business with individuals and professionals worldwide, aiming to improve Bhaya Cruises´ and others’ quality standards.

The Au Co Cruises in Halong BayBhaya Cruises, the leading cruise operator in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site – Halong Bay, Vietnam, has established new standards for luxury cruising in the country when its first vessel came into service in summer 2007. The vessels of its fleet have achieved tremendous success by adding luxury and charm to the mystery of Halong Bay for up-scale travelers worldwide. In March 2012, Bhaya Cruises launched The Au Co, two unique, brand new vessels dedicated to the ‘Mother of Vietnamese Civilization’, which significantly become legends themselves. The Au Co is the first luxury cruise operator to offer 3-day 2-night cruises through Halong Bay and into the Gulf of Tonkin. Now with a fleet of 17 vessels, including 3 brands: Bhaya Classic, Legend Halong and The Au Co, Bhaya Cruises has successfully deliver a unique travel experience to explore not only the nature beauty but also the diverse culture of Vietnam.

Squid fishing on Halong Bay

Squid fishing is one of the most interesting outdoor activities for travelers once they decide to go cruising to enjoy the magnificent seascape and dreamlike coves of Halong Bay. The feeling of dropping net like local fishermen in Halong Bay triggers many travelers’ curiosity and becomes one of many highlights which draw attention of people worldwide.Squid Fishing on Halong Bay Bhaya CruiseThe beginning of the squid season is around April and tends to finish around January. Early on, the squid are often smaller but as the season goes on, the more the squids feed themselves, the bigger they get. The highest peak of the squid fishing season usually starts from August to December and if you have desire to catch squid with the biggest size throughout the year, you’d better wait until October and November.

There is a tendency that you will find most of your squids around rocks and seaweeds. Gangways are often very good for squid, and you will often be able to tell if squid have been caught recently, as you may well see squid-ink stains on the decking. Remember, night time tends to be more productive.

Squid Fishing on Bhaya Cruise Halong BayTravelers are always provided with gear, fishing rods and racquets so that they can actively use them to catch squids. Normally, during the squid season, it would be common to see large squids hovering around the cruises and each person may catch an average of 20 squids for each squid fishing night. The squids caught will be used to make dishes for cruisers.

Moreover, squid fishing is also a very interesting night time activity because it is time for you to gaze the sparkling Halong Bay sea water surface. At the end of the day, eating boiled squid fish, feeling ink line breaking in the mouth, drinking wine and singing karaoke are the best way to mark an unforgettable night in the UNESCO World Heritage – Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Why take 2 night cruise instead of 1 night cruise in Halong Bay?

Halong Bay – Asia’s top five tropical island paradises and World Heritage nominated by CNN Travel and UNESCO was described as a stunning place to go cruising with its magnificent mountainous islands and dreamlike coves. If you are still scratching your head to find out whether 1 night or 2 night cruise is much more worth it then this post is for you.

Hereunder are three reasons why you should add 2 night continuous adventure EXCLUSIVELY on Bhaya Cruises to your bucket list:

Bhaya Classic Cruise Shuttle Bus

1 night cruise in Halong Bay? What an exhausting and time-consuming adventure!

Most of travelers will regret having barely enough time to discover this legendary world of stone islands, soak up the views of Halong Bay ‘s salt water-flooded forests, coral reefs and tropical forests featuring thousands of species of fauna and flora.  Why?

3 hours 30 minutes on a bumpy road from Hanoi to Halong Bay could be the only explanation. 1 night cruises often starting at noon time and finishing in the end of the following morning, you will stay on boat a bit less than 24 hours and spend more than 7 hours in a bus for it. 2 day 1 night cruises often rush passengers into truly experiencing the geographic work of art.

Plus, with 3 day 2 night continuous trip on Bhaya Cruises, your whole time will be dedicated to your best comfort. This is obviously an advantage over 2 day 1 night cruise because you are no longer worried about being switched to another boat during your journey.

Halong Bay - Bhaya Classic Cruise

Absolutely Majestic and Mysterious scenery

The most significant difference between 1 night cruise and 2 night cruise is that the later allows you to go deep inside the Bay and discover the road less traveled such as Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay which promisingly guarantee you nothing but majestic scenery.

People say “Travelling is so much fun” because it pushes us to go beyond our comfort zones. In Halong Bay, the mature karst landscape developed during a warm, wet, tropical climate over a period of 20 million years and 1600 limestone karsts and islets which rise out of the waters of the bay to heights of up to 100 meters and the numerous caves and grottos spread throughout the bay are not familiar to most people.

Bhaya Classic Cruise Halong Bay

Are you ready to rock your vacation?

You will have more time to participate in many activities such as biking in the National Park of Cat Ba Island, swimming in the emerald water, kayaking to gaze natural coral reefs which are the top treasure of underwater world and lying down on the long and white sand beaches wrapping quiet and peaceful fishing villages.

Instand ooking is now available for 3 days continuous Halong Cruise here! Do not hesitate to grasp this chance to live life to the fullest!

Author: BhayaCruises.com

Fly from Hanoi to Halong & enjoy Halong Bay from above

From September, tourists no longer need to spend 4 hours on a bumpy bus ride to see the magnificent and well-known Halong Bay. With the seaplane flight route Hanoi – Halong – Hanoi launched, tourists can enjoy 30 minutes of relaxation and amazing aerial view of the islands and islets dotted the emerald water of Halong Bay Vietnam.

Being one of Vietnam’s most recognizable landscapes, tourists will surely enjoy the overview of this whole bay from a Cessna Grand Caravan seaplane. The below footage shows a birds-eye-view of the hundreds of islands that dot the bay, a Unesco World Heritage site, and was shot by Telegraph Travel on the first flight yesterday.

Click for video footage

“From the air we could see parts of the bay not visible from the cruise boats,” said Claire Boobbyer, who made the film. “Sculpted valleys, hidden lakes and deep craters, all carpeted in an iridescent green which looked beautiful in the late afternoon sun.”

Bhaya Classic Cruises are delighted to announce the launching of our brand-new package for Halong Bay cruise and premium seaplane transport from Hanoi. This exciting Halong cruise package combining Bhaya Classic Cruise (2 day 1 night itinerary) with transportation by premium seaplane (Hai Au Aviation) will show you the best of the world heritage Halong Bay.

Bhaya Cruise with seaplane transport from Hanoi to Halong

Bhaya Classic Cruises are delighted to announce the launching of our brand-new package for Halong Bay cruise and premium seaplane transport from Hanoi. This exciting package combining Bhaya Classic Cruise (2 day 1 night itinerary) with transportation by premium seaplane (Hai Au Aviation) will show you the best of the world heritage Halong Bay.

Bhaya Cruise & Seaplane Transport

Breaking away from the typical 4-hour drive from Hanoi to Halong and back, now travelers can easily fly to Halong in 30 minutes. The flight schedule for seaplane is 2 flights in the morning departing from Noi Bai airport to Tuan Chau Marina, then 2 flights back. Aside from the standard 30 minute flight, travelers can also book a extended 45 minute flight which includes an additional 15 minutes of scenic flight around the famous bay.

Bhaya Classic Halong Bay Cruise

This premium Halong cruise package at the rate from USD $759 per person will offer you an exceptional chance to relish the breathtaking view of Halong Bay when sitting on the seaplane and when leisurely cruising around with Bhaya Cruises. Book this premium package of classic cruise plus seaplane today to enjoy a charming and luxurious journey through the magnificent Halong Bay!

Halong Bay is one of must-visit destinations for any travelers visiting Northern Vietnam; and the seaplane transportation provides an excellent alternative for those feeling weary of the long drive by bus. Travel by seaplane to Halong Bay is highly recommended for luxury groups for couples in travelling for their honeymoon.

Author: BhayaCruises.com

Bhaya Classic Cruises Introducing 03 Additional Vessels in the fleet

Bhaya Cruises is proud to announce that our company will add 3 more Bhaya Classic boats into the fleet this October, bringing the total number of boats in the Bhaya Classic fleet to 7! These new boat will feature 5, 6 and 7 cabins respectively.  Booking of Halong cruise tours with Bhaya Classic is available as soon as now for all of you.




Boat Capacity

Bhaya Classic V

Bhaya Classic VI

Bhaya Classic VII

Deluxe Cabin




Royal Suite




Total number of Cabins




Extra bed (01 foldable bed/Cabin) on request




Pair of connecting Cabins




Maximum number of passengers

(adults & children altogether)





Each boat, built in similar design to the larger Bhaya Classic, is comprised of a double deck with a dining room offering panoramic views of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cabins are spacious (around 20sq meters) all with private balconies. Connecting cabins are available for families.


The three new boats will be operating on sharing basis. However they can also be perfect option for individuals, honeymoon couples and small groups wishing for an exclusive, private, customized charter cruise in Halong Bay. With this supplement, Bhaya Cruises’ fleet will feature a total of 17 boats, 178 rooms and accommodating more than 400 passengers per day in the bay, being the largest luxury fleet in the area and positioning the name Bhaya Classic as the top cruise operator in Halong Bay Vietnam.

Author: BhayaCruises.com

Travelling By Helicopter – A Fastest Journey From Hanoi To Halong Bay

If you have at least once travelled from Hanoi to QuangNinh province where places the famous Halong Bay, then you may know how long the trip is (about 4 hours travelling by shuttle bus) and it is not abnormal if someonelost their patience for the time being waste on the way. But now, good news comes to all of us, there is a new luxury transportation way between Hanoi and Halong Bay – by helicopter transfer.1

Upon booking this helicopter service from Cruises Company, you will be picked up by a private luxury car at your hotel in Hanoi, and then escorted to Gia Lam Heliport in the heart of the city. Only 45 minutes needed for a flight from the Capital to Halong Bay, along which you have chance to seize breathtaking vistas of the natural beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The return part is carried out with the same timings and routings from heliport in Halong to Gia Lam heliport, and then to your hotel. Don’t worry if you travel lonely, in couple or in group, because depending on your budget, helicopter could be large enough to accommodate from 1 to 12 persons. The more persons on a flight, the cheaper a flight ticket is. The normal cost for charter a helicopter is around US$16,000 per round trip.2

Though the cost of helicopter is quite high, the benefit and experience when travelling by such a luxury means of transport are undoubtedly fantastic. Even if you can’t afford a helicopter travel, you can still see here beautiful pictures of the view above. Not only is this new service an exceptional chance for the discerning traveler to enjoy imposing natural landscape of Halong Bay in a perfect way, but it will also help you to avoid a long hourspending on road. Thanks to that, you could savor every second of your vacation and not worry about losing time in transportation.

Author: Bhaya Cruises – Halong Bay

Cheap International Flights To Vietnam – Part 2

  1. Cebu Pacific

With those who are interested in the airline Vietnam-Philippines and vice versa, Cebu is an indispensable cheap-price airline. The firm is currently operating two main airlines from Manila to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

To specify, there are daily flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Manila while Hanoi to Manila fights are only operated 2 days a week on Wednesday and Sunday.1

The price of Cebu ticket is not only normally cheaper than other international airlines for the same routes, but they also sometimes launch discount campaigns with super big deal for purchaser, says $130 for round trip Manila-Ho Chi Minh City and $135 for round trip Manila-Hanoi.

  1. Jestar Asia

Jestar Asia is an Australian airline firm whose mother company is Quantas. In Vietnam, there is also a domestic firm called Jestar Pacific operating domestic airline while Jestar Asia provides flights from Vietnam to foreign countries.

Besides airline from Hanoi to Singapore, Jestar Asia also serves connecting flights to further destinations like Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Bangkok, Phuket (Thailand), Manila (Philipines), Taiwan, Jakatar, Medan, Surabaya (Indonesia), Auckland (New Zealand) and Darwin (Australia).2

From Ho Chi Minh City, Jestar Asia runs direct flights to Singarpore and Darwin (Australia), connecting flights to HongKong, Kuala Lumpur and Penang (Malaysia), Bangkok and Phuket (Thailand), Manila (Philipines), Taiwan, Jakatar, Medan, Surabaya, Bali (Indonesia), Auckland, Christchurch, Welington (New Zealand), Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney (Australia) and Beijing (China).

Whether you are an international backpacker wishing to visit Vietnam, or a Vietnamese traveler desiring out-of-border lands, flight ticket is now no longer a barrier anymore!

Author: Bhaya Halong Cruises

03 Transportations From Hanoi To Halong Bay

Halong Bay-the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site is a have-to-visit place for everyone coming to the North Vietnam. Departing from Hanoi, you could choose one of three most popular means of transport as followings for the route 165 km length.

   1.   By motorbike

Motorbike is the most convenient and popular means of transport in Vietnam. Since the distance from Hanoi to Halong Bay is not too far, motorbike will be a nice choice for those prioritizing freedom, flexibility, discovery and economization.


Motorbike-an adventure, cheap and flexible means in Vietnam

Depending on the speed of rider, it could take from 3.5 to 5 hours to travel from Hanoi’s centre to downtown Halong. On the road you could enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Vietnam along the two sides, from the rice fields, farmers, animals to villages and temples. However, this option is only suitable for those who are healthy, brave and skilful since the motorbike riding is quite stressful especially in such crowded and narrow roads in Vietnam.

   2.   By shuttle bus

Travelling by bus is the most favorite ways of all travelers on this route. Not only is it cheap (for around $20 per round), but it is also very safe, clean and enjoyful.

The drive from Hanoi to Halong Bay took quite long as 3.5 hours, thus be well-prepared you’re your stuff like headphones, music, books or even travel pillows for a short sleep J. There is a wide range of bus operators providing buses on this route. All what you need to do is to arrive at bus station (let’s say My Dinh, Nuoc Ngam, Giap Bat, Luong Yen,…) and buy tickets of some reliable bus operators namely Hoang Long,  Kumho, Linh Trang,…

In addition, if you book overnight tours from cruises operator like Bhaya Classic, The Au Co, Legend Halong then they will also provide daily shuttle bus riding right from your hotel to the port in Halong Bay.

   3.   By helicopter

Travelling by helicopter is the fastest, most luxury and also most expensive means of transport from Hanoi to Halong Bay. The normal cost for charter a helicopter is around US$16,000 per round trip and a helicopter could accommodate up to 12 persons.


Helicopter in Halong

Upon booking this helicopter service from Cruises Company, you will be picked up by a private luxury car at your hotel in Hanoi, and then escorted to Gia Lam Heliport in the heart of the city. Only 45 minutes needed for a flight from the capital to Halong Bay, along which you have chance to seize breathtaking vistas of the natural beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Halong from the above