Squid fishing on Halong Bay

Squid fishing is one of the most interesting outdoor activities for travelers once they decide to go cruising to enjoy the magnificent seascape and dreamlike coves of Halong Bay. The feeling of dropping net like local fishermen in Halong Bay triggers many travelers’ curiosity and becomes one of many highlights which draw attention of people worldwide.Squid Fishing on Halong Bay Bhaya CruiseThe beginning of the squid season is around April and tends to finish around January. Early on, the squid are often smaller but as the season goes on, the more the squids feed themselves, the bigger they get. The highest peak of the squid fishing season usually starts from August to December and if you have desire to catch squid with the biggest size throughout the year, you’d better wait until October and November.

There is a tendency that you will find most of your squids around rocks and seaweeds. Gangways are often very good for squid, and you will often be able to tell if squid have been caught recently, as you may well see squid-ink stains on the decking. Remember, night time tends to be more productive.

Squid Fishing on Bhaya Cruise Halong BayTravelers are always provided with gear, fishing rods and racquets so that they can actively use them to catch squids. Normally, during the squid season, it would be common to see large squids hovering around the cruises and each person may catch an average of 20 squids for each squid fishing night. The squids caught will be used to make dishes for cruisers.

Moreover, squid fishing is also a very interesting night time activity because it is time for you to gaze the sparkling Halong Bay sea water surface. At the end of the day, eating boiled squid fish, feeling ink line breaking in the mouth, drinking wine and singing karaoke are the best way to mark an unforgettable night in the UNESCO World Heritage – Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Bhaya Legend Fleet Expands in Halong Bay

Bhaya Cruises, premium cruises operator in Halong Bay and The Gulf of Tonkin, announces the expansion of its private fleet with the addition of five new Bhaya Legend boats in May 2012.

Built with state-of-the-art craftsmanship, each new wooden Bhaya Legend continues with the original design of traditional royal junks, featuring three-four sleeping cabins, dining room, sundeck and bar. All cabins are spacious with en-suite bathroom, and large windows offering panoramic views of the bay. All the boats exceed local maritime authorities’ safety requirement and all staff are certified in marine safety training.

The fleet expansion (four boats feature three cabins each and one boat features four cabins) comes with a refinement of the concept. Guests choosing the Bhaya Legend will be given the choice of their length of stay, the itinerary, the activities and the food. Guests will be accompanied by a Legend Ambassador as a private butler to assist them, arrange the cruise to suit their needs and ensure maximum flexibility of the program. The activities on offer include swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, an introduction to Vietnamese cuisine, local communities discovery, and more.

“Bhaya Legend has achieved tremendous success in the past few years. The expansion of our private fleet is a major development for the company. With a fleet of eight private Bhaya Legend boats offering a total of 21 cabins, we are going to be able to suit guests’ needs in a more personalised way. We can now offer solutions specifically suited to couples, honeymooners, small families and groups of friends, adventurous or just looking for some quality time and relaxation. Our fleet of Bhaya Legends are going to be the first luxury tailor-made cruises in Halong Bay & Bai Tu Long Bay”, says Armand Cheveux, Bhaya Cruises’ Business Development Manager.

Fairy tale wedding anniversary on Bhaya Legend

This Tuesday, Bhaya staff were so happy and delighted to receive one of our guests’ letter who took a charter cruise tour on Bhaya Legend, one of our vessels on Halong Bay.

Bhaya would like to express our sincere thanks to Mrs. Marith Kull, her husband and children who shared with us very nice moments of their 5th wedding anniversary on our cruise. Below is part of the letter she wrote to us:

“… I would also like to tremendously thank the crew of Bhaya Cruises Legend I. Because of them the cruise was most enjoyable. We were celebrating our anniversary with our children Evan and Mia ages 3 and 1, and to my surprise most of the crew members indicated that they had young children of their own which answered why they were so natural amongst them. Although we did not ask for our children to be taken care of by the crew, each took aside a couple of minutes to look after them so Andrew and I could enjoy a meal or relax and enjoy the wonderful view that Halong Bay has to offer.Vu our waitress in particular, from time to timewould pop out of nowhere and wipe down the kids faces and hands with a fresh new towel. Each member went out of their way as parents themselves to make our trip along with the children stress free.

Our Cruise Manager Lai was exceptional at making us feel at home on the boat and on the individualized tours. Our children especially our son Evan, will remember this trip and often still talks about Lai. We were quite sad leaving because we saw the sadness on our children’s faces and Evan had asked us why Lai was not coming home with us as he was use to Lai being there the last 2 days.

The Captain and other crew members were all very welcoming.  The Chef’s  food was delicious each time. We thoroughly enjoyed the unique dinner in the cave, and the only thing that was missing was music which was fixed right away as one of the crew members pulled out his cell phone and played a lovely Vietnamese wedding song. We definitely felt like king and queen on our special trip and the boat cruise turned out to be a fairy tale in so many ways thanks to the staff.

I hope to return one day and take the cruise all over again as it has left me very fond memories…”

Wedding anniversary on Halong Bay with Bhaya Legend

Another Beautiful Bhaya Wedding

Australian couple Jason Howard and Hollie Wilson chose Ha Long Bay as their destination to wed. Bhaya Legend had the proud honor of organizing this romantic wedding. The couple chartered Bhaya Legend from 20 to 24 June 2010. Their wish for a simple, intimate, private and cozy wedding ceremony was fulfilled when they exchanged their sacred vows in full view of the stunning Ha Long Bay seascape and with the crew as witnesses.

After two years of arranging and performing ceremonies and hosting dozens of weddings, on board the vessels and on various islands, Bhaya Cruises offers a unique combination of exotic destination, stunning scenery and meaningful intimacy to celebrate one of life’s most special days.To see their wedding photos, click here.

The First Bhaya Legend Enters Service

Hanoi, 06 April 2009 – Bhaya Cruises is proud to announce the arrival of an addition to the Bhaya family with the launch of Bhaya Legend in March 2009. This 26 meter long charter vessel is built in the same Vietnamese Imperial-style as the larger cruise vessels of the Bhaya fleet. Featuring two luxurious suites offering luxury fit for Imperial Royalty, personalized service and a maximum four passengers guarantee intimate privacy. Flexible cruising, dining and bar facilities and diverse onboard activities are able to serve every wish.

Bhaya Legend is the ideal option for individuals, couples, families and friends wishing for a customized charter cruise on Halong Bay.

Bhaya II is scheduled to commence operation in Oct 31st, 2008

Hanoi, 22 Oct 2008- Bhaya Cruises celebrates the launch of Bhaya II. Built in the style of King Khai Dinh’s (1885-1925) ancient vessel which sailed waters of the Halong Bay almost a century ago, Bhaya II is another wooden luxury cruise vessel designed by talented French architects who have designed the famed Bhaya I.

Similar to her twin sister vessel, Bhaya II provides 20 spacious and luxurious cabins including 2 Royal Suites (16.5m2), 2 Bhaya Suites (14.5m2) and 16 Deluxe cabins (12.5m2). All cabins are equipped with twin or double beds, private bathroom and shower, internal telephone, and air conditioning.

The new 40-meter cruise vessel’s features a spacious restaurant serving eastern and western delicacies, a spa, a shop and a boutique library spreading over on three decks. It also features a large Sundeck, offering 3600 panoramic views of the Bay.

With the launch of Bhaya II, Bhaya twin sister vessels will provide a total of 40 cabins, accommodating up to 80 passengers for all kinds of incentives and events.