Travel Halong Bay with kids

Travel Halong Bay with kids

Sharing a Halong Bay cruise with your family is a wonderful experience, even if it may not be easy all the time! Here are some tips that will help you to plan your family trip to Halong Bay:

Small babies’ stuffs

Food will be provided for your children, usually the same as yours. Some companies, such as BhayaCruises, have a special ‘kids menu’. For the tiniest ones, you should take some milk and everything you usually need (summer & winter clothes, snacks and medicine).

Safety onboard

Most accidents during Halong tours have occurred during tender transfer. For this reason you should select to depart from Tuan Chau port, where passengers embark directly onto the boat, as opposed to BaiChay port, where tender boats are used.

Also, you may want to forgo a cabin with a private balcony, but be sure to ask (in advance) for a boat with a big sundeck so your kids have some space to play outside, where you can keep an eye on them!

Outdoor Activities

Halong Bay cruises are full of fun activities: swimming, kayaking, biking, visiting floating fishing villages & caves and last but not least, exploring the islands! This is always an incredible experience for kids. If yours are quite active, choose Cat Ba Island as there are lots of opportunities to walk and cycle around.

You will probably want to select a Halong Bay cruise that actually anchors in BaiTu Long Bay, it is less crowded.


From May to September 2014 (excluding June), Bhaya Cruises offer a free cabin to children for every cabin booked by their parents, onboard all of BhayaCruises fleet.

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