Bhaya Spirit creates a benchmark of upscale 3D/2N cruising program

Hanoi, 20 Oct 2008 – This October, Bhaya Spirit, a new member of Bhaya family, will go into service. Built in the same Oriental style and luxury standard as the large cruise vessels, Bhaya Spirit features a single deck with an expansive foredeck and a spacious restaurant with panoramic windows. The boat is 20 meters long and has a capacity of up to 20 day trip passengers for sightseeing and kayaking cruises around the Bay.

Fully equipped with high quality kayaking facilities, Bhaya Spirit is set to provide kayaking activities for passengers who join 3-day cruise itineraries on the main Bhaya vessels. “Based on feedback from our worldwide partners as well as customers who wish to enjoy longer and more adventurous cruises at high quality standard, we strive to exceed expectations in designing and building this vessel.”, Bhaya Cruise’s General Manager said “With Bhaya Spirit, we are the first and the only cruise operator in Halong Bay providing passengers an exclusive kayaking boat for 3-day cruise itineraries. We believe that it will deliver unique and adventurous cruise experience, while ensuring comfort and safety to our passengers”.