Best Time To Visit Northern Vietnam


From countless street food stalls, millions of rushing motorbikes and French-colonial buildings to high mountainous regions, overlapping paddy fields, and amazing landscapes, Northern Vietnam is surely one of the country’s top destinations in terms of tourism and cultural immersion. Places such as Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Sapa, Tam Dao and Dien Bien Phu are just some of the cities you may want to see here.


Tam Dao – National Park

So when exactly is the best time to visit Northern Vietnam?


The Traditional Highlands: Sa Pa

Generally, the best time to visit this region is from October to December (Autumn-Early Winter Season). This season is the golden time for the region as the sky is clear and the wind is gentle. The temperature between these seasons usually plays around 20 degrees on average. And as December approaches, the temperature drops rapidly for the start of winter.


Ha Long Bay

Managing your time well while travelling across the northern region during this season shouldn’t be that hard as the touristy season ends in August. Booking trips from one place to another should be easier as well as there are only a few people traveling at this time of the year.