Recreational Activities in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay has become one of the most well-known travel destinations in Northern Vietnam. There are several options for those who wish to explore the famous Ha Long Bay, of which going on a cruise tour around the bay offers the most convenient way to fully take in its magnificent natural beauty, including the limestone mountains, the caves, the islands and everything else present in between the tranquil waters.
A summer with blue oceans and white sandy beaches would not be complete without some outdoor activities. That is why these days most cruise operators offer a wide range of recreational activities so cruise passengers, especially the young ones, could be active during the trips and enjoy all the healthy excursions.
Below are several of the most popular recreational activities in Ha Long Bay:

Kayaking could be taken as one of the must-try experiences in Ha Long Bay. Rowing the kayak on the tranquil waters and go discovering the natural caves which can’t be accessed by the big ships is a great experience to behold. Cruisers often provide free kayak for passengers onboard; however, it would be a good idea to book the kayak in advance in case their supply is limited.

swiming What is a summer vacation without swimming right? The cruise itineraries usually include a stop at a beach for a few hours. Or, when your ship anchors, you could always jump right into the open ocean for a swim.

Biking on Cat Ba island
Biking activity is often included in three day cruise itineraries (for example: the Au Co cruise or the Bhaya 3 day cruise) or itineraries that visit Cat Ba Island. On the biking path, passengers will have the chance to look at the rugged natural scenery of Cat Ba, enjoy the refreshing air and visit Cat Ba National Park with a great variety of plant and animal species.

Halong Bay Weather in January

If you think Halong might be cold on January, so you’re right. However, don’t miss another chance to discover the World Heritage in the strange view beyond the fog. Come on, it’s just the early morning and that’s not the best way to welcome a new day. On Bhaya Cruises, we’re got a Tai Chi exercises in the morning for travelers.

If you are afraid of super low temperatures during summer or cold, rainy, and low visibility days during winter, October can be an excellent time to head up to Halong Bay. Around 9 am onward, sunshine will fill up the ship and the warmth will creep in every corner on boat. It might be a good sunny day to enjoy the white sandy beaches, cruise further or discover Halong Bay in several ways such as: kayaking or discovering caves.

Even the weather on January is a little bit cold, so travelers should bring your cardigans or light jackets to keep you warm and comfortable.

The Climate Guide for Ha Long Bay, Vietnam is perfect for planning your holiday. Monthly average weather forecast gives the best indication of what the weather is usually like for every month of the year including figures for temperature, rainfall and sunshine. From the below chart, you can know all the forecast of weather on January.

Please click this link for updated weather forecast on Halong Bay: