Fun for kids on an overnight cruise in Halong Bay

Traveling on a cruise boat for family trip seems more reveled to adults than their kids since cruising often means relaxing and enjoying a slow life. However, with the diversified biogeography, Halong Bay provides more interesting activities that may also attract children.

Family trip on Bhaya Classic Cruises Halong BayIn a Halong Bay cruise, you don’t have to worry about not having enough fun things to enjoy for a family trip. While adults prefer a peaceful vacation with lots of resting and being lazy, kids often look for more active things to do.

With their active nature, kids often couldn’t stay still in a limited space of a cabin, or even a cruise ship. A variety of activities that is well organized will help fill their schedule and keep them fun. What can keep your kids attracted in their free time? Check out some suggestion from Bhaya Classic team:

Have fun with our Head Chef

Bhaya Classic’s talented Head Chef is not only someone who takes superb care of all your meals (and sometimes weight) during the trip, but you will also meet him countless times in some on board activities.

Cooking demonstration - Spring roll in Bhaya Classic CruisesOn the first day, the Chef himself will teach you a really simple but authentic Vietnamese cooking demonstration. The dish, spring roll, is popular and delicious, yet super easy to make. Kids love playing with food, and even love it more if there’s something to actually eat after playing. Therefore, give them a chance to do what they are normally not allowed to do at home. This is one of the most favorite sessions of our tiny guests, especially the part when they get to eat what they have made. From now on, you can brag about being able to cook the authentic Vietnamese cuisine to your friends back home.

Water fun cannot be missed on a cruise trip

Sport activities in water are forever loved by kids. Cruising in one of the most beautiful bay in the world, you obviously shouldn’t miss any water activities offered by the operator. This is also an opportunity to enjoy the family’s participation and exchange some exciting memories with your children.

Fun-for-kid-in-Halong-Bay-Cruises-2Famous with the calm and peaceful water, kayaking and swimming in Halong Bay is especially safer for children. Share a kayak boat with one of your kids and let him/her take the lead in the front seat. For that you can always keep an eye on their safety, while still give them the feeling of completing the challenge themselves.

If you’re lucky enough to arrange a 3D2N trip, there will definitely some times to stop in one of Halong Bay’s white sand beaches. Surrounded by the legendary green limestone and karsts, the beach might not be huge but indeed lovely. Swimming nearby with the kids or just sunbathing lazily under the sun, or ask our staffs for some simple sport like tug or soccer.

The friendly staffs are always there for your kid

Relaxing will be so much easier when you can let your kids off doing whatever they want around the boat. Our staffs love children, and therefore, will always be around and keep an eye on the small guests. Sometimes they became best friends. And our friends often gave us so many surprises by innocent love or unexpected gifts sometimes.

Kids on Bhaya Classic Cruises in Halong Bay

One lovely gift from our tiny guests

Bhaya Cruises supports the latest decision of Quang Ninh Authority on developing sustainable tourism.

(Halong Bay, Vietnam, 28 Nov, 2012) Bhaya Cruises supports the latest decision of Quang Ninh Authority on developing sustainable tourism.

Local authorities will ban the handling of cargo in bulk in the area, and treat wastewater and sewage discharged into the bay by 2013. They will also minimize the encroachment to the sea, closely monitor industrial production establishments and urban projects, and raise the public’s awareness of environmental protection.

The province will establishan association charged with educating people on environmental matters that affect the Ha Long Bay area, act as an advisor to issue an exclusive decree on Ha Long Bay management and installenvironmental observation stations around Ha Long Bay.

Not only being the largest cruise operator in Halong Bay, Bhaya Cruises is also a true leader of sustainable and responsible cruise operators whose ultimate goal is to integrate environment management into all of business processes. They regularly open “Clean the bay” campaigns to raise awareness on the issue of pollution and call for practical action to protect the natural environment. The water cleaning systems on all boats are created to prevent the waste water from discarding directly to the bay. Bhaya Cruises will also actively support and educate their staff and crew on their ‘Reduce, Re-use and Recycle Policy”. These include reducing water consumption (and informing passengers about our water saving measures), minimizing use of plastic packaging and paper consumption, and encouraging reuse of items such as water bottles and brochures.

Clean up drive- Bhaya Cruises

Clean up drive- Bhaya Cruises

Bhaya Cruises team also plays its part in local community development with different actions and projects. The Au Co, a newly luxury brand of Bhaya Cruises is named for the organic farm built in Viet Hai village, Cat Ba island. Simultaneously, The Au Co Organic Farm together with partnership with local communities in Vung Vieng Village in Bai Tu Long Bay and many charity cruises are enabling them to diversify their local economy and improving their living standards, which in return provides their passengers with a warm welcome on excursions.

Sustainable team

Sustainable team

Mr Tran Thanh Nam, Chairman of Bhaya Cruises says: “We aim to preserve the beauty of the Gulf of Tonkin for future generations by minimising the impact on the local environment, operating under the concept of sustainable tourism, and supporting local communities. Booking your cruise with us you can rest assured that you are directly supporting a company that is actively seeking to minimise any negative environmental impact and that is constantly striving to create significant development opportunities for local communities.”